Burley in Wharfedale village history

Colston Beck

A view from Colston Beck, on the moors above Burley Woodhead, leading down to the Wharfe valley.

Burler and Mender
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Burley Local History Group

Burley Woodhead

The Hamlet

In the early days the main employment was in farming and at a local bleach mill. The remains of the old mill can be found on a walk towards Menston.

Nowadays Burley Woodhead is a dormitory hamlet; and whilst there is still farming to be found, the main popularity for visitors to this area stems from its excellent access to the Moor, both at the top of Moor Lane (which leads from Burley station) and Robin Hole. From these access points there are many clearly defined walks, with excellent views across the Wharfe valley, and a good variety of moorland nesting birds.

One of Woodhead's more colourful characters was Job Senior, who came to be known as the Hermit, from which the excellent local hostelry (seen in the centre of the photo) gains its name.